What is a LED Screen and how does it work?


The LED screen is the most recent type of digital monitor that can display images of Full HD quality. These screens now provide incredibly sharp pictures, making them ideal for outdoor advertising.

What does LED Screen mean?

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. When electricity is transmitted through it, a semiconductor light source displays a visual. An LED screen is made up of different types of red, green, and blue diodes that work together to make one full pixel. This form of pixel is extremely crisp and visible from a long distance.

The P6 technology LED screens are a completely new technological accomplishment. They can run for 5,000 hours without needing to be recharged or reset. They are quite resistant to climate change, as well as wind, rain, and extreme humidity.

Modern LED lighting does not emit dangerous UV light and may therefore be used indoors. LED screens are also cutting-edge for road signs, airports, and retail malls because their pictures are appealing even from a distance.

LED Screens from Pixel Outdoor

Currently, only Pixel Outdoor can provide Adjara with the most recent generation, highest quality LED screens. Furthermore, they are mounted in the most strategic locations around the city, ensuring visibility at all times of day.