About us

Shortly about Pixel Outdoor

About us

In 2011, Batumi saw the establishment of the prosperous outdoor advertising agency in Georgia – Pixel Outdoor. Since then, the business has continued to grow, as seen by the number of partners it now has as well as the brand’s widespread awareness throughout Georgia.

Pixel Outdoor currently occupies an area larger than 3,000 square meters. In addition, we provide a full range of advertising services, including the placement of advertisements on digital billboards, static billboards, scroll city lights, and static city lights.

In 2018, we introduced modern advertising digital technologies to the local market, which proved to be a harbinger of success for local brands and promoted the growth of outdoor advertising in Georgia.

Pixel Outdoor is referred to as:

    • Superior quality
    • Modern technology
    • Well experienced team
    • Excellent service
    • Unique vision

Brand statement

We are in favor of fresh concepts, innovative technology, and superior goods. Our staff is constantly aiming to provide a service that will always be in high demand.

We keep a close eye on developments throughout the advertising process. Because of this, the projects we’ve completed merit our clients’ respect now and in the future.

Thus, this is just the beginning.





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