Digital Billboard

A digital billboard is a large-format electronic display that may show static, animated, and video advertisements. Your brand’s message will be seen by roughly 30,000 people each day thanks to the placement of our digital billboards in Batumi’s busiest areas. Since this figure is rising quickly, our advertising is getting even more efficient every day.

In all of Batumi, Pixel Outdoor provides the most digital advertising frameworks. With the aid of our screens, you may draw in a sizable audience and make the most of a powerful, adaptable, and affordable strategy.


Flexibility – A digital billboard can display a range of images, including still images, animated images, and videos. There is no need for installation or printing because the image changes automatically after a short while. As a result, you will be able to start or stop placing advertisements on the digital billboard easily, at any time.

Creativity – In contrast to traditional advertising mediums, digital billboards offer more opportunities for designers, provide a great outlet for creative ideas, and are especially visually appealing. That’s why, it’s easier to ideate and implement designs, that are unique and extraordinary.


EfficiencyDiverse multicultural studies have found that outdoor digital advertising draws 2.5 times the number of viewers. Furthermore, it is 40% more memorable than traditional advertising, drastically increasing brand or product recognition. More about Digital Billboard’s histyory and references