City Light Scroll is a rather compact (1.175m x 1.85m) advertising board with moving posters and effective inside lighting for placing advertisements in pedestrian areas. It’s undoubtedly the most effective technique to promote a product or event inside a marketing campaign. Due to its brightness, Scroll City Light is visible even at night.

City lights against the backdrop of the silent city give the streets a wonderful hue and energy. We advertise City Lights in highly trafficked areas where we reach tens of thousands of passersby every day. During the hot seasons, this number quickly doubles.


Visibility – Scroll City Light is extremely useful and fruitful in congested places with constant traffic and publicity, where lots of people go during any time of the day. Because they are placed at human height, these banners are beneficial at any time of day and seldom go ignored.

Budget – Because of its modest size, City Light Scroll is one of the most cost-effective outdoor constructions. It’s also easy to install and monitor. Furthermore, you can publish 12 distinct adverts for the price of one banner and fully leverage City Lights’ diverse possibilities.

BC19 Croll CityLight scaled მეტი, ვიდრე ხედავ

–  City light Scroll advertisements are simple to install and may be completed within hours of your purchase. At the same time, they are simple to maintain and tough to harm. Their hull is highly sturdy and can tolerate variations in climate and humidity.